Introduction to Core PHP

Has it ever happened to you that you see a website and just go ‘WOW’?

If you happen to be hooked on wondering how exactly to get that wow factor in any website while others move on to the services or some other section of the website, you are cut out for a career in web development. That, and well, the fact that you searched for a course in introduction to web development!

Now, what exactly does this course offer you?

This course breaks the demographic barriers and helps you learn the fundamentals required for web development. The course also includes multiple languages of development, their use, and finally, the way to make a website live.

From college-goers to currently-employed, anyone can take up this course. It will open up scopes for employment, as well as, freelancing.

Name:   Introduction to Web Development

Course Time:   8-10 Am & 4-6 Pm

Course ID:   WDCP001
Category:   Web development

Prerequisite(s):   Basic knowledge of computer

Course Days:   Weekdays & Weekend

A good website

A website is all about communicating with the right audience. We teach how to present client's identity properly.

1.   About websites.

2.   Interact with web world.

Evolution of websites

Knowing the dinosaurs that roamed in the online world and the modern robots that rule it. Let's take a look at the evolution of websites.

1.   History.

2.   Why web?

3.   What to choose.


Create the banners and the images that make your website look special.

1.   Knowledge about Photoshop.

2.   Concept of good images.

3.   Images for websites.

4.   Creating Images.

A creative side

How to design your website with this popular language so it stands out? Let's learn practically.

1.   Examples of website.

2.   Html basics.

3.   Html tags.

4.   Html Forms.

5.   Whole about html.

Let's align

Is CSS tough? Is it perfect for the client's website design? Well, why don't you find out yourself?

1.   Basic Css.

2.   Use of Css in website.

3.   Layout designing.

About JavaScript

Put in exciting features in your website design with the help of this language. It is as exciting as it sounds.

1.   What is JavaScript?

2.   Setting up Variables in JavaScript.

3.   JavaScript Conditional Statements.

4.   JavaScript Loops.

5.   Arrays!


Exploring the field of Java takes time. So, we are in the deeper side of the jungle.

1.   Use of JavaScript.

2.   JavaScript Events and Functions.

3.   JavaScript Form Validation.

First html site

It's a big day! Why? You will be making your own website. Exciting, isn't it?

1.   Combination of html, css and JavaScript.

2.   Black and white website.

3.   Website blueprint.

It's coding time

This is the time to create codes with advanced language of PHP.

1.   Install PHP 5 Apache MySQL on Windows using Wamp Server

2.   PHP Introduction.

3.   Data types.

4.   Variables and Constants.

5.   Strings, Regular Expressions.

6.   Operators.

7.   Conditional statements.

8.   Looping statements.

Coding continued

Coding is not easy so knowing better will serve better.

1.   Functions.

2.   Arrays.

3.   PHP Forms.

4.   Files.

5.   PHP Cookies.

6.   PHP Sessions.

7.   Introduction to OOP.

8.   Whole about php basics.

Functions in php

Functions help you in creating sites that are simply perfect.

1.   About functions.

2.   Inbuilt functions.

3.   Creating functions.

4.   Coding using functions.

About MySQL

Learning about database has its perks. Learn the creation to have fully-functional website.

1.   About database.

2.   MySQL Create DB.

3.   MySQL Create Table.

4.   MySQL Insert Data.

5.   MySQL Get Last ID.

6.   MySQL Insert Multiple.

7.   MySQL Select Data.

8.   MySQL Delete Data.

9.   MySQL Update Data.

10.   MySQL Limit Data.

11.   Checking for Greater or Less Than.

12.   WHERE and ORDER BY.

13.   The WHERE Clause and Operator Words.

14.   The BETWEEN Operator.

15.   The IN Operator.

16.   The LIKE Operator.

17.   Retrieving and Sorting.

18.   Displaying Data from Multiple Table (Joining).

19.   Sub query.


Know the bridge that connects database and PHP.

1.   MySQL Functions.

2.   MySQL Database.

3.   MySQL Connect.

4.   Connect database to php code.

Get website live

There is nothing better than seeing your creation online. Well, this is the day your creation goes live.

1.   About the servers.

2.   How to upload a website.

3.   Your first php website with use of database.

Get Started

Now you are ready to enter the world of website making. So, let's fine tune the skills to make a website that stand out.

1.   Finalizing a website.

2.   Upload it on server.