Introduction to Social Media Marketing

Facebook has taken over the online world. Well, not just Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn are also in line. In fact, people today need no drugs; they get their high through these platforms.

Social media has become the perfect combination for fun, information and marketing. But, how do you use it for your own benefit or make your stories/ brand go viral? This course teaches you just that!

You get introduced to the world of digital marketing. After completion of the course, you can start your career as a freelancer or get associated with an organization. This course starts with the basics about social media and slowly takes you through complex technicalities.

Let’s explore the world of social media marketing.

Name:   Introduction to Social Media Marketing

Course Time:   4-6 Pm (Weekdays) & 11-2 Pm(Weekend)

Course ID:   DMSM001
Category:   Digital Marketing

Prerequisite(s):   Basic knowledge of computer

Course Days:   Weekdays & Weekend

The step by step evolution

When did Search Engine Marketing start? How did it make an impact on the online world? We start the class by going back in the pages of history.

1.   Evolution of Online Marketing.

2.   Benefits of Search Engine Marketing.

3.   Types of Advertising.

Introduction of Designing

Know about the tools that will be helpful in SEM. This class introduces you to Photoshop.

Know About Search Engine

Understanding search engine is extremely important before you plunge deeper into the world of SEM and online campaigns.

1.   About Search Engine.

2.   How Search engine works.

3.   Why we use Google.

4.   Difference between paid and organic search.

Analysis of Brand

Prior to the commencement of work, it is necessary that you have a complete strategy for operation. This class is about the ways that help you with proper analyzing for strategy creation.

1.   Analyzing online status.

2.   Keyword research by keyword planner tool.

3.   Check the competition.

4.   Budget management.

Let Learn About Google Adwords

The world of Google Adwords is much more complex than it sounds. We explore the different nitty-gritty of this popular mode of marketing.

1.   Create Campaign.

2.   Targeting.

3.   Bidding strategy- Manual and Auto.

4.   Types of Keywords.

5.   How to set up conversion tracking.

Know the Difference

Digital marketing takes on different paths. Having a clear idea will help you in selecting the best for the client.

1.   Difference in search, display and video campaign.

2.   How to run ads basis of interest, keywords, and websites.

3.   Finding relevant websites for ad placement.

Algorithm about Google Adwords

To be an expert in Google Adwords you also need to have a clear idea about Google’s changing algorithms. It will help you in generating the best output.

1.   How Google Adwords Work?

2.   What is quality score?

3.   Why quality score is important?

4.   What is CTR?

The ongoing marketing

The human brain is exposed to a huge amount of data each day. Thus, to create an impact for your ad, you need to follow the process of remarketing. This class teaches you this field in an in-depth way.

1.   Why remarketing?

2.   Types of remarketing.

3.   Bidding difference.

4.   All types of remarketing campaign.

Introduction to Facebook

Facebook is a fun way to stay connected, but it also has a crucial role in the business world. Let’s take a look at this platform from a different angle.

1.   Why use Facebook for business?

2.   Understanding the differences in Facebook Profile, Fan Page and Group.

3.   Importance of business with Facebook.

Analysis of business fan page

Facebook page creation is easy, but for business it needs a distinctive approach. We train you about the ways of creating a page that prove to be purposeful.

1.   Analyzing business category.

2.   Creating different types of fan page.

3.   Factor to consider while creating fan page.

In-Depth knowledge of Facebook fan page

Facebook offers different options for creating ads. As a social media manager, you need in-depth information on each of those.

1.   In depth knowledge of Facebook.

2.   Why advertise?

3.   Types of advertising.

Facebook advertising for all businesses

One of the essential parts is to create impactful camping for the client's Facebook page. Let's learn the ways to do that.

1.   Creating Facebook advertising campaign.

2.   All targeting activities.

3.   Setting up conversion tracking.

4.   Guidelines for Advertisement.

Power editor and Remarketing

Professional approach to Facebook marketing comes with power editor. This class teaches you on the ways to use this tool purposefully.

1.   Importance of power editor.

2.   Managing campaign by power editor.

3.   Setting up remarketing campaign.

It's all about Instagram and Twitter.

One just can't deny the power of social media, and guess what; it's not just about Facebook. This class introduces you to the world of hashtags and how they can be your ladder to success.

1.   Role of Instagram and Twitter in Social Media.

2.   Why hashtag is important.

3.   What are trends?

Let's talks about LinkedIn

Why do professionals are so keen to set up a LinkedIn profile? Is it that important? Let's learn everything about business relations and their importance.

1.   Difference between Page and Profile.

2.   Guidelines for Business page.

3.   Network building.

Let's Rewind

This class is a rewind of everything that you have learnt in past few days. It is about synchronizing everything and be ready to step in the career world.