Sharangee Dutta

Name:   Sharangee Dutta

Experience:   2 Years

Title/Position:   Content/Copywriter

Specialties:   Copywriting, Blogging, ebooks, Reviews, Novels

Faculty Bio

Sharangee Dutta is a copywriter with 2 years of experience. To call writing as her love would be an understatement, she considers it as a medium of expressing herself candidly and honestly. Having a sheer passion for writing, her skill often gets exhibited in her novels and short stories.

She maintains her own blog at blogspot where she likes to write on trending topics and stories inspired from her own life. She also has a Wattpad account where she has written 5 books and desires to write more in the coming future.

She has the skill to create productive SEO articles with relevant keywords. She has an eye for creativity and an understanding of good marketing strategies, through which she has helped many of her clients define their identity as a brand.

She believes that every writer has strong imaginative skills, and she utilizes this strength of hers to understand the necessities of each client and provide them with content that can both attract customers as well as offer uniqueness to the brand. Pom Pom, Signature Bespoke, WorkWings, ZOEY and Nine are some of the clients that she has worked for. Her dream is to explore the unknown and learn in the process, and she hopes to continue doing this for as long as she possibly can.