How courses are made?

The courses offered at Learning Beyond Books have been formed after analyzing the market intensely so that we could meet both the ends i.e. meeting upto the demands of the industry as well as procuring an individual to such a level where he gets an opportunity to stand out and make his career successful. The courses are compilation of the experience and challenges faced while working on live projects which connects the bookish knowledge with the practical knowledge thus creating a bridge to success.

The courses are not only job oriented but can also be very helpful in personal growth. The most important realization that an individual can make in their quest for personal growth is that there is no single formula that defines the path to success. We all have different interests, goals, priorities, different natural strengths that are a part of our inherent personality type. Finding out the best in you and moulding it in a progressive way is one of our objectives.

How do we teach them?

These short term courses have been divided into multiple levels so that an individual can choose according to his requirement. Before choosing the course, every individual will get a chance to experience the field he is stepping into so that it gets easier to decide.

Since career choice turns the life of a person by great measure, you have to be very objective in deciding a career. We help you in deciding what’s best for you and also make you aware of the various options you have for successful career.

Let’s join hands!

“Knowledge is not only in the book. It starts in the pages and spreads across the horizon of real life experiences”

This is what Learning Beyond Books (LBB) believes in. Our courses help you in following the dream of creative path. If you want to learn, then we are here to teach. When you make a career out of your passion, then you are bound to be successful. Making you self-sustained is the main aim of the course.

Let’s get introduced

Our output-generating courses follow a certain path. We help you in selecting the course that is tailored for your passion.

Step 1

Let’s start our relationship by getting in touch with the counselor. The expert will help you in understanding the different avenues of your desired course. They will also help you in identifying the course that suits your talents in the right ways.

Step 2

Before joining the course, you can get a glimpse of the experts working in real time. Now, isn’t that exciting? This is a podium which will further help you in understanding the course you are pursuing.

Step 3

You select the course that attracts your creative side and we start nurturing your hidden talents for a bright career.