Introduction to Photography

Do you mentally take pictures of the lovely sceneries while walking around the park?

Do you see a magazine and are attracted more towards the art setting instead of models?

Did you just search for an introductory course in photography?

You are already a photographer at heart, my friend; all you need now is mentorship to help you capture what you see and feel.

This course of photography introduces you to the art of capturing those moments that are inimitable. This course is perfect for everyone who loves to play with camera.

Storytelling is an art, and to represent it through a series of images requires more than just talent. This course helps you get in-depth knowledge on light, frame, camera and composition. Let’s introduce you to the world where you can paint thoughts with the click of a button.

Name:   Introduction to Photography

Course Time:   4-6 Pm (Weekdays) & 11-2 Pm(Weekend)

Course ID:   PHSD001
Category:   Photography

Prerequisite(s):   None

Course Days:   Weekdays & Weekend

The Good The Bad and The Ugly

Know the mechanism of mind that determines the beauty or impact of a picture.

1.   What’s good and bad?

2.   How the mind conceives images?

It's Different

Photography has multiple styles and the planning of each style varies. Know each of them to take the perfect click.

1.   Styles of photography.

2.   Impacts of each style.

3.   Planning as per each style.

Story Time

Clicking pictures is easy, but taking pictures to tell a story is hard. Learn the ways through which you can turn the daily objects into something extraordinary.

1.   Telling a story.

2.   Subjects that matter.

3.   Look what’s around.

The Right Frame

Learn to frame an object in such a way that it stands out from the crowd.

1.   Principles of composition.

2.   The subconscious mind.

3.   Myths and realities of composition.

It's all about light

The type of light and its placement has a crucial effect on the composition of a picture. Knowing about light is already half the war won.

1.   Light is all that matters.

2.   Impacts.

3.   Lighting styles.

Camera Stuff

How well do you know your trusted camera? After all, it determines the quality of your picture. Today, we learn all about the camera and its features.

1.   Know your camera.

2.   Camera Features.

3.   Set it Right.

Time to Post

Besides shoot, the processing of the picture plays important role in making it perfect.

1.   Intro to Post production using light room.

2.   Scope and Limitations.

3.   Finish it Right.

Photo walk

Now that you know about the basics of photography, it is time to go out and click some mind-blowing pictures. Are you ready?

1.   Go out and Shoot.

2.   Use what you know.

3.   Have Fun.