Digital Marketing

Do you ever fantasize being an influencer? But, cringe at the idea of making public speeches?

Do you ever see a product and unconsciously start thinking of ideas that might make it popular?

Are you a big fan of thinking out of the box?

Then, you have come to the right place. With digital marketing, you can satisfy all of the above aspirations.

Digital marketing is one of the reasons why some of the businesses are more successful than others. After all, it helps a brand get in the public eye and leave a mark.

This course teaches you all about the fundamentals and strategies used in digital marketing. Let’s find out how you can promote your brand better, and leave it as an unforgettable tattoo on your audiences’ heart.

Name:   Introduction to Digital Marketing

Course Time:  4-6 Pm (Weekdays) & 11-2 Pm(Weekend)

Course ID:   WDCP002
Category:   Digital Marketing

Prerequisite(s):   Basic Knowledge of Computer

Course Days:  Weekdays & Weekend

The Evolution

Everything in the world has a start. Let’s take a sneak peek into when it all started and how it changed the world of marketing!

1.   What is marketing?

2.   Evolution of marketing.

3.   Importance of marketing.

Introduction to Digital Marketing

The whole world is online, how can marketers not be? Let’s peep into and explore the world of digital marketing.

1.   What is Digital Marketing?

2.   Difference between Traditional and Digital Marketing

3.   Importance of Digital Marketing

4.   Difference between SEO, SMO and SEM

Brand Strategies

Jumping into the ocean if you don’t know swimming is nothing but stupidity. Same is true for digital marketing. So, do your homework before starting the work.

1.   Analysis of Brand

2.   How to choose best marketing platform according to business mode

3.   How to Define target audience according to the business mode

3.   Competitor Analysis

Search Engine Optimization

To have lovely anything, you must first have a strong foundation. This session teach you all about building backbone of the brand through SEO.

1.   What is Search Engine Optimization?

2.   How Search Engine Works?

3.   Techniques of SEO

4.   What is On-Page?

4.   Analysis of website

4.   Keyword Research

4.   Meta Tags

4.   Web Content Optimization

4.   Image Optimization

4.   What is Off-Page?

4.   How Off page Works?

4.   Google Update

4.   Local SEO

Pay Per Click Advertising

How can you create and use impressive ad copies so that people cannot resist clicking on those and visiting your website?

1.   Introduction of Google

2.   Difference between Organic and Paid Search

3.   How Google Adword Works?

4.   Targeting

4.   Campaign creation

4.   Types of Ads

4.   Remarketing

4.   How Remarketing Works?

4.   Why Remarketing is important?

4.   Setting up a Remarketing Campaign

4.   Setting up conversion tracking

Social Media Marketing​

The world is no doubt connected better and in its true sense today. But how can you leverage this platform to your benefit?

1.   What is Social Media Marketing?

2.   Benefits of Social Media Marketing?

Introduction to Facebook

Facebook has become an inseparable part of your identity today. But, there is more to it. Learn how you can use it expand your business.

1.   Why use Facebook for business?

2.   Understanding the differences between Facebook Profile, Fan Page and Group

3.   Importance of business with Facebook

4.   Why advertise?

4.   Types of advertising

4.   Guidelines for Advertisements

4.   Importance of power editor

4.   Managing campaign by power editor

4.   Setting up remarketing campaign

4.   Create Campaigns

4.   Bidding strategy- Manual and Auto

It’s all about Instagram and Twitter

Have you ever posted something using hashtags? Well, there are some who just try to kill the page with hashtags, but what is the right way to use it, and how can it help you build a brand? Let’s find out.

1.   Role of Instagram and Twitter in Social Media

2.   Why hashtag is important?

3.   What are trends?

3.   Difference between Page and Profile

3.   Guidelines for Business page

3.   Network building

Google Analytics

How do you know that your ideas you put to work for better marketing are actually working? The answer is Google Analytics. Let’s see how it works.

1.   What is Google Analytics?

2.   How Google Analytics Work?

3.   How to track Website traffic?

4.   Demographic and geographic Analysis

5.   Audience Flow

6.   Analysis of Bounce rate and exit Rate

6.   Goal and funnel setup

6.   Conversion tracking

Google Webmaster!

Is your website healthy? NO, you don’t need to get a doctor. But, you do need to get the Google Webmaster to check that your website is up and working.

1.   What is Google Webmaster?

2.   Difference between Google Analytics and Google Webmaster

3.   What is crawler error?

4.   How to get indexed website through webmaster?


Online marketing is just like an exam for your brand. And, just like every exam, the performance is shown in the report card, which you can use to change and improve your campaigns accordingly. Let’s find out how.

1.   Tracking and Reporting

2.   Keywords Ranks

Let’s Rewind

The last class is all about revision so that you can remove any doubts and learn better, and be a better digital marketer.