Introduction to content writing

What would be your answer if we asked you right now, ‘Are you a writer?’

If the first response you had was, ‘Yes, I am,’ awesome, welcome to the club!

But, if you just hesitated… well, don’t worry, we’ll prepare you so the next time this question pops up, you shout out with nothing but a ‘Yes!’

You must have read books, magazines, heard music or seen movies; all of these become what they are because of their content. In short, content is everywhere.

But, what is it that makes a particular write up persuasive? What are the elements that make a particular article so worthy that it goes viral?

This course helps you uncover the technicalities of good writing and make the foundation of your writing game strong enough to build a kickass career upon. Let’s find out how you can make your content easy-to- read and interesting.

Name:   Introduction to content writing

Course Time:   4-6 Pm (Weekdays) & 11-2 Pm(Weekend)

Course ID:   CCCW001
Category:   Content Writing

Prerequisite(s):   Basic English knowledge

Course Days:  Weekdays & Weekend

A little chit-chat

We communicate, and that makes us human. The importance of communication is as simple as that. So, why not have a little chat to explore the use of this gift in an in-depth way?

1.   What is communication?

2.   Life and communication.

3.   Interaction and expression.

Stop talking. Start communicating.

Communication is not a one way path. It has many avenues that lead to the final goal. So, why not know about them?

1.   Different modes of communication.

Keep calm and express yourself

Expressing oneself is not an easy task. It takes a lot to present yourself properly in front of others. So, why not take up the mode of writing to express yourself or maybe to please that special person in your life?!

1.   Introduction to expression in your daily life.

2.   Why choose writing as a medium of expression?

The clearer the better

Before you go and nail the communication world, make sure you know how to formulate and structure your ideas in a proper way. Nothing kills a good writing than a jumbled structuring.

1.   Generation and development of ideas.

2.   Painting your ideas with words.

Learning the Art

Communication depends not only on situations, but also people. How to differentiate the presentation of writing while communicating with different people in different situations? Well, that’s exactly what we will help you learn.

1.   Communications based on situations.

2.   Use of senses in your writing.

3.   How to express yourself through writing?

It’s easy to impress

Writing is a fine way to establish a lasting impression. Let’s learn how to do that.

1.   Understanding the tone of writing.

2.   Formal and informal presentation.

The door to a new world

The power of expression of writing has made it a popular mode of communication. Do you know it can also be used as a career other than personal enlightenment?

1.   How to write for others?

2.   Writing for a career.

You are the creator of your own story

In order to learn to write persuasively, you must first learn the art of storytelling.

1.   What is voice?

2.   Different kinds of voices and their usage.

3.   How to build characters?

A comma can save your life

A house cannot be built until its foundation is strong. Similarly, the better your grip on the foundation of language, the better your writing career will be.

1.   The importance of Grammar

2.   How to improve your vocabulary?

Welcome to the World of Content

Content writing is a popular profession in recent times. Let’s know the technical details in an in- depth way.

1.   What is content writing?

2.   Types of contents.

Dive into the sea

Now that you know what content writing means, let’s explore this arena a bit further.

1.   What are the basics of content writing?

2.   How to choose a topic?

3.   How to conduct research for a topic and collect facts?

Keep them interested and they’ll love you

Nobody likes to read the same thing over and over. Know the ways to write content that will keep readers hooked.

1.   How to maintain the flow?

2.   Knowing where to stop.

3.   How to avoid being monotonous?

The whole world is online. Are you?

Everyone today owns smart phones, and spends most of their time scrolling, reading and searching for information online. So, it’s best if your content is online world savvy.

1.   How to write for online platform?

2.   What is SEO?

3.   How to use tools to improve your writing?

Originality matters

Besides innovation and perfect structuring, you also need to make sure the facts are authentic and true.

1.   What is plagiarism?

2.   Negative Effects of Plagiarism.

3.   How to determine the authenticity of information.