How to set up e-commerce business

The mark of a successful business is to be where the customers are.

So, if you are running a business or thinking of starting a business, there can’t be a better option than getting online and setting up an e-commerce site for your business. After all, your business will flourish where your customers are. So, if they are online, you get online and show ‘em what you are made of.

It’s all right if you don’t know how to proceed just yet, because that’s what we are here for; to help you and guide you. We help you recognize and follow the right approach, and see the ‘e’ in e-commerce as ‘easy’.

This course helps you explore the online marketplace as a perfect business platform. The course is perfect for anyone and everyone. Students will understand the benefits and challenges related to the field. They will also learn about product pricing, product selection, creation of business strategy and profit generation.

Name:   How to set up e-commerce business

Course Time:  4-6 Pm (Weekdays) & 11-2 Pm(Weekend)

Course ID:   BDEC001
Category:   Business Development

Prerequisite(s):   Basic knowledge of Online Market

Course Days:  Weekdays & Weekend


The online marketplace is ever-evolving. There is a huge demand of this market. Introduction to e-commerce Industry and its evolution helps you in understanding the potential of this field as a career option.

It’s a Fight

E-commerce business is tough till you know the right avenues of exploration. We will teach you about the challenges faced in the business model and ways to overcome them.

Getting started – What to sell

Before selling the products, it becomes extremely important to judge and understand the market demand. We teach you the ways of determination.

1. Decide what to sell.

2. In-depth knowledge of the categories.

3. Factors to decide the product for dealings.

The Right Shop – where to sell

Selling the right product at the right place is an art to learn. Our maestros help you in understanding the same.

1. Creating your own e-commerce site.

2. Selection of model market place.

3. Judging pros and cons for both the ways.

The right price: Procurement and pricing

One of the main concerns of business is to attain profit without compromising the quality. We teach you how to strike a balance between the two.

1. Balancing pricing and cost.

2. Making profit.

3. Maintaining standard quality and service.

The A Team

A company performs flawlessly when it has a great team. We teach you the ways of acquiring a dream team and managing your resources well.

1. Creating a team that matters.

2. Opting for the right people.

3. Job distribution.

Marketing strategy and budget

No one will buy your product if it hides in the obscurities of the online world. Marketing plays a significant role in selling your product. Know the different ways to make your business and brand popular with the best utilization of budget in hand.

1. Making it big.

2. Promotion strategy: allocating the right budgets on the right medium.

The Brand Value

If you don’t want your business to be a one-time gig, then creating a prominent brand value is a necessity. When multiple methods are blended in a proper way, your business gets a prominent presence in the market.

1. Creating a Brand value.

2. Importance and profit in long run.