About us

Learning Beyond Books – Where Passion Turns Into Path of Success

Creativity stops only when you confine yourself in the barriers of conventional learning, when you imagine the world is limited in the pages of usual studies. We give you a platform to break those shackles and explore the path that defines YOU.

Learning Beyond Books is a division of Camellia Media & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd to help guide the creative souls.

We find inspiration in William Butler Yeats’ words,

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”

We, at Learning Beyond Books strike that fire so that you can reach beyond the horizon. If you want to learn your passion, we are here to teach you.

Our courses are designed to encourage personal growth along with educational knowledge. We include both fundamental and practical strategies in balanced proportion to make you multi-functional and self-sufficient. LBB believes in polishing the students in their respective passions and thus raising the standard of creativity.

Why Learning Beyond Books?

Nominal Fee

We believe that knowledge is about opening the doors of your mind and introducing you to new horizons, not burning holes in your pocket. Therefore, all of our courses are available at a nominal fee.

Short Term Industry-Focused Courses

In the fast paced world like today, you need to keep moving forward and move fast. For the same reason, we introduce you to our short term industry-focused courses so that you can learn and develop the required skills within minimal time frame.

Basic to Advance Level Course

Whether you are looking to get a bit of sneak peek into the new course you find fascinating or are keen to make your mark in the chosen field, we have got you covered.

Flexible Time

  • Not free on weekdays? Schedule your classes for weekend.
  • Want to keep your weekends free? Schedule your classes for weekdays.
  • Got tens of other tasks to take care of in the morning? Schedule your classes in the evening.

We are not about time boundations, we are about learning beyond books.

Real Time Learning Environment

We do not want you to be bookworms. Learning beyond books is all about preparing you for the real world. Here you get to learn the techniques and strategies from the experts themselves, who have ample industry experience in their respective fields.

Learning with LBB never stops

We, at LBB understand the fluid and ever-evolving nature of time, and its effect on everything else. Thus, we encourage and help our students/members to stay updated.

We believe that learning is a process that never stops so once you become a part of us, we heartily welcome you every time, whether you decide to revise your course content after 1 month or 1 year.